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#' @export
#' @export
# default parameters =====
# retrieve package settings, internal function, not exported
# first checks if the setting exists in the isoreader space, then in the isoprocessor
# @note: consider providing an option that indicates whether to return the quoted expression or a default value
# e.g. default(x) that returns quo(x) if x is not set vs. default(x, NULL) that returns quo(NULL) if x is not set
# @FIXME: alternatively set ALL available parameters in the initialize_options and force parameters to exist
default <- function(name) {
if (missing(name)) return(quo())
name_quo <- enquo(name)
name <- name_quo %>% quos_to_text(variable = "setting")
value <- isoreader:::default(!!sym(name), allow_null = TRUE)
if (is.null(value)) # not in isoreader settings
value <- getOption(str_c("isoprocessor.", name))
if (is.null(value)) { # not in normal isoprocessor settings
func_params <- get_process_parameters()
if (name %in% names(func_params))
value <- func_params[[name]]
value <- name_quo
# set package setting, internal function, not exported
# @note essetially same function as in isoreader except with the isoprocessor. prefix
set_default <- function(name, value, overwrite = TRUE) {
if (overwrite || !str_c("isoprocessor.", name) %in% names(options()))
options(list(value) %>% setNames(str_c("isoprocessor.", name)))
# processing default parameters =====
# get the default parameters
get_process_parameters <- function() {
#' Set default parameters
#' Define the default parameters for calculations used in this package.
#' @param data can be used to include this function call within a pipeline
#' @param ... named entries for the default parameters (standard or non-standard evaluation supported).
#' @return invisibly returns the passed in \code{data} object
#' Names are equivalent to function parameter names and
#' @family settings functions
#' @export
iso_set_default_processor_parameters <- function(data = NULL, ...) {
def_cols <- quos(...)
existing_def_cols <- get_process_parameters()
set_default("default_parameters", modifyList(existing_def_cols, def_cols))
#' @details \code{iso_reset_default_processor_parameters} resets all default function parameters for this package.
#' @rdname iso_set_default_processor_parameters
#' @export
iso_reset_default_processor_parameters <- function(data = NULL) {
#' Get the current default processor parameters
#' Retrieve a table with all default parameters for the isoprocessor package
#' (see \link[isoreader]{iso_get_default_reader_parameters} for the equivalent isoreader function).
#' To set processor parameters, see \code{\link{iso_set_default_processor_parameters}}.
#' To set messaging and caching parameters see \code{\link[isoreader]{iso_info_messages}}.
#' For a piping compatible version of this function, see \link{iso_show_default_processor_parameters}.
#' @family settings functions
#' @export
iso_get_default_processor_parameters <- function() {
regular_params <- tibble(parameter = "quiet", value = as.character(default("quiet")))
func_params <- get_process_parameters()
if (length(func_params) > 0) {
tibble(parameter = names(func_params), value = map_chr(func_params, quo_text))
) %>% return()
} else
#' Show the current default processor parameters
#' Shows a table with the default function parameters for this package.
#' @inheritParams iso_set_default_processor_parameters
#' @param func function to use for formatting the reader parameters table, e.g. \code{\link[knitr]{kable}}.
#' Note that if the output is in RMarkdown chunks, the chunk option must have \code{results="asis"} for the table to be correctly formatted.
#' @param ... additional parameters to forward to the \code{func} function
#' @param quiet whether to display (quiet=FALSE) or silence (quiet = TRUE) information messages.
#' @family settings functions
#' @export
#' @note DEPRECATE
iso_show_default_processor_parameters <- function(data = NULL, print_func = default(print_func), ..., quiet = default(quiet)) {
stop("iso_show_default_processor_parameters is deprecated because of confusing behaviour. Please output the default processor parameters using iso_get_default_processor_parameters().", call. = FALSE)
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