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                          Lynx Toolbox


  Lynx is a research-oriented Matlab toolbox for designing in a fast way
  supervised machine learning experiments. Details of a simulation can be
  specified under a configuration file, and the toolbox takes charge of
  loading data, partitioning it, testing the algorithms and visualizing the
  results. Additionally, it has support for parallelizing the experiments
  and enabling GPU support.

  The Latest Version

  The latest version of the toolbox can be downloaded on GitHub at the
  following link:

  Additional datasets converted according to the toolbox's conventions can
  be downloaded from the author's website:


  The manual is available under the relative folder. Additional HTML
  reports can be generated with the scripts located in the "help"
  folder. Documentation of the classes can be generated by calling
  the "generate_documentation.m" script.


  Execute "install.m" and follow the instruction on screen. Additional
  information can be found in Section 2.1 of the manual.


  The toolbox is distributed under BSD-2 license. Please see the file 
  called LICENSE.


     o If you have any request, bug report, or inquiry, you can contact
       the author at simone [dot] scardapane [at] uniroma1 [dot] it.
     o Additional contact information can also be found on the website of
       the toolbox: