Nixie Clock based on Arduino
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ArdunixNix6 / ArdunixNix4

Nixie Clock based on Arduino

This is the main code for an Arduino based Nixie clock.


  • Wifi Interface for an ESP8266
  • Real Time Clock interface for DS3231
  • Digit fading with configurable fade length
  • Digit scrollback with configurable scroll speed
  • Configuration stored in EEPROM
  • Low hardware component count (as much as possible done in code)
  • Single button operation with software debounce
  • Single K155ID1 for digit display (other versions use 2 or even 6!)
  • Highly modular code
  • RGB Back lighting
  • Automatic linear dimming using light sensor

ardunixFade9_6_digit.ino: Main code for the 6 Digit Nixie Clock
ardunixFade9_4_digit.ino: Main code for the 4 Digit Nixie Clock

Instruction and User Manuals (including schematic) can be found at:

You can buy this from:

YouTube video of version 42 of the clock in action:

YouTube channel: