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export uniform int width() { return programCount; }
struct Foo { float x; float y; };
export void f_fu(uniform float ret[], uniform float aa[], uniform float b) {
float a = aa[programIndex];
Foo foo[programCount+1];
for (uniform int i = 0; i < programCount+1; ++i)
foo[i].x = i;
varying Foo fv = foo[a];
fv.x += 1000;
//CO print("fv.x = %\n", fv.x);
//CO print("foo[a] = %\n", foo[a].x);
foo[a] = fv;
//CO print("after assign foo[a] = %\n", foo[a].x);
ret[programIndex] = foo[a].x;
//CO print("% - %\n", programIndex, ret[programIndex]);
export void result(uniform float ret[]) {
ret[programIndex] = 1001+programIndex;
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