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Crash when trying mandelbrot_tasks #379

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Matt Walsh Jean-Luc Duprat Matt Pharr
Matt Walsh

Pulled down the latest ispc today (9-13-2012); got this error when doing a make:

[ mandelbrot_tasks]$ make
/bin/mkdir -p objs/
ispc -O2 --arch=x86-64 --target=sse2,sse4-x2,avx-x2 mandelbrot.ispc -o objs/mandelbrot_ispc.o -h objs/mandelbrot_ispc.h
ispc: /usr/pic1/llvm/llvm-3.1.src/include/llvm/CodeGen/LiveInterval.h:130: llvm::LiveRange::LiveRange(llvm::SlotIndex, llvm::SlotIndex, llvm::VNInfo*): Assertion `S < E && "Cannot create empty or backwards range"' failed.
main.cpp(207): FATAL ERROR: Unhandled signal sent to process; terminating.

*** Please file a bug report at
*** (Including as much information as you can about how to reproduce this error).
*** You have apparently encountered a bug in the compiler that we'd like to fix!

make: *** [objs/mandelbrot_ispc.h] Aborted
make: *** Deleting file `objs/mandelbrot_ispc.h'

Jean-Luc Duprat
Matt Walsh


Matt Walsh

Here's another reproducer. If you compile it with

ispc -DTASK_MODE torture.ispc -o blah.o

it fails.

Interestingly, if you omit the -o switch, it works.

It also seems to be sensitive to the kernel; if I for instance eliminate the switch statement altogether it works

#ifdef TASK_MODE
    uniform float _inp1[], uniform float _inp2[],
    uniform int _mode[],   uniform float _outp[],
    uniform int span,
    uniform int PTS) {

    #ifdef TASK_MODE
    uniform int start = taskIndex*span;
    uniform int end   = min((taskIndex+1)*span, PTS);
    uniform int start = 0;
    uniform int end   = PTS;

    foreach (i = start ... end) {
        float inp1 = _inp1[i];
        float inp2 = _inp2[i];
        int mode = _mode[i];
        float outp;

    outp = 0.0f;
        float tmp = 0.0f;
        switch (mode) {
            case 0:
                for (int k = 0; k < 100; k++)
                {   tmp += .1f;
                    outp += pow(2.0f + tmp,(inp1 + inp2));
            case 1:
                for (int k = 0; k < 90; k++)
                {   tmp += .2f;
                    outp += pow(2.2f + tmp,(inp1 - inp2 + tmp));


        _outp[i] = outp;

export void torture_ispc(
    uniform float _inp1[], uniform float _inp2[],
    uniform int _mode[],   uniform float _outp[],
    uniform int PTS) {

    #if defined TASK_MODE
    uniform int span = PTS/16;
    launch[PTS/span] torture_ispc_task(_inp1, _inp2, _mode, _outp, span, PTS);
        _inp1, _inp2, _mode, _outp, PTS, PTS);
Matt Walsh

I should add one thing; in my Makefile I have to eliminate the -static switch thing else it won't compile on my machine, that is...

ifeq ($(ARCH_OS),Linux)
  # try to link everything statically under Linux (including libstdc++) so
  # that the binaries we generate will be portable across distributions...
#    LDFLAGS=-static
Matt Pharr

I tried this on ubuntu 12.04 and couldn't reproduce there. (Will dig further, though.)

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