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Consuming Web APIs with Python Talk

Issac Kelly - July 30th 2011 - PyOhio

This is all example code for working with the Github API. I use this for several reasons.

  1. It's very well documented.
  2. Constantly uses JSON, (so skips Accept, and Content-Type headers)
  3. Has both Anonymous and Authenticated support via Basic Auth (over https)

To set it up, put a .gitconfig in your home directory with your github settings


This is an example anonymous GET request with the stdlib. Gets all public gists

An example anonymous POST request with the stdlib. Makes an anonymous gist

Authenticate on the api with the stdlib, and GET your own gists.

This is the exact same as #3, except it uses kennethreitz's requests Library.

This is the same as #3 and #4, but it uses the GithubClient class that we write in the file.

Our really basic GithubClient is a Github Specific wrapper around the requests library.

This is a rehash of 02, but it's authenticated, and uses our GithubClient.