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OPAM Repository Micro

Set of common libraries that are useful for all kinds of Issuu projects.

The idea of having small, versioned and composable libraries is to avoid copy-pasting modules and diverging over time and also to avoid having a monolithic ocaml-common submodule which is impossible to change as every change might have unknown consequences upon all users when updating to a never version of ocaml-common.

The libraries here should be as minimal as possible, with as little dependencies as possible. In general at Issuu we tend to use the Jane Street published libraries so these dependencies are okay, but one should strive to use the smaller dependency if possible. In particular this means chosing Base over Core_kernel over Core, similarly with Async_kernel which is preferable to Async. This is to allow for higher portability and fewer dependencies.


You need to use OPAM (preferably OPAM 2, though version 1 will probably also work for now) and then add this repository to your installation:

opam repository add micro
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