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gem install wordy-ruby


require 'rubygems'
require 'wordy'

# if you're using rails, put this in an initializer file
Wordy.configure do |c|
   c.api_key   = ENV['WORDY_API_KEY']
   c.username  = ENV['WORDY_USERNAME']
   c.env       = 'production'

if Wordy::Account.balance > 0
  job = Wordy::Job.create(1, 'Text I want to proofread', 'An optional title')
  # See Account.languages to see the list of available languages and their ids!
  puts "Your text will be ready at: #{job.delivery_date}"

By default the Wordy environment is production, if you want to use the staging environment, set the 'env' attribute to 'staging'