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An Apache Sling Application Platform (asap) project.

What is this repository for?

  • a collection of useful tools for the Apache Sling framework

Starting with the Core Console...

Composum Core Console

The Composum Core Console consist of a set of useful administration and development tools for the Sling Framework.

JCR Browser.

The Composum Browser gives you the ability to explore your Sling repository

Sling/JCR browser view

with a lot of useful features:

  • repository tree with configurable filters
  • node creation / deletion / move / reorder
  • property manipulation
  • binary data upload / download
  • component rendering and asset view
  • template based queries with history
  • JSON view, download and upload
  • ACL view and manipulation
  • Groovy script execution

see also: Browser Features

Package Manager

To export and import collections of content nodes the Apache Jackrabbit FileVault extension is very useful.

The Composum Package Manger adds a user interface to the Jackrabbit Vault and makes is easy to manage Vault packages.

Package Manager

see also: Package Manager

How do I get set up?

Download or build all Core modules (OSGi bundles)

  1. Composum Core Sling API (com.composum.core.commons)
  2. Composum Core Javascript Libraries (com.composum.core.jslibs)
  3. Composum Core Console (com.composum.core.console)
  4. Composum Core Package Manager (com.composum.core.pckgmgr)
  5. Composum Core User Management (com.composum.core.usermgnt)

the latest release is Release 1.7.0


no configuration


  1. Sling Launchpad 7, 8, 9; Adobe AEM 5.6, 6.0, 6.1, 6.2
  2. 3rd party libraries accessible as OSGi bundles (probably always present)
    • Apache Commons Lang 3
  3. Java 1.7

Deployment instructions

Install all bundles using the OSGi Web Console or by the HTTP-API. No further installation steps necessary.

Start it with a simple '/bin/browser.html' on your Apache Sling based system.