Geographic utilities built to aid the development and testing of a social network application
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Currently there are two helpful utility functions here.

  1. Point-in-polygon test

  2. Random point generator. Right now it performs better if the polygon covers a large portion of its bounding box. The test is performed using this algorithm.

    1. Generate a bounding box
    2. Generate a random point within this bounding box
    3. Perform a point-in-polygon test on this point. If the test succeeds, return the point, if not loop to step a and perform again.

    ** If anyone know of a better way to do above, let me know. I'd love to hear some better ideas especially when dealing with complex concave polygons.


Point-in-polygon test:

polygon = Polygon((0,0), (0,4), (4,4), (4,0), (0,0))
point = geo.Point(2,2)
assert polygon.contains(geo.Point(2,2))

Random point within a polygon

polygon = Polygon(  geo.LatLon(42.39321,-82.92114),

point = polygon.random_point()
assert polygon.contains(point)

INSTALLATION: You can install the package either by cloning this repository and running the standard

python install

or install from pypi

pip install geo-utils