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Set of XSL stylesheets for converting heterogeneous publisher XML formats into TEI
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This project proposes a set of style sheets for converting XML documents encoded in various scientific publisher formats into a common TEI format. Often called document ingestion, converting heterogeneous publisher formats into a common working format is a typical, painful and time-consuming sub-task for building scientific digital library applications.

These style sheets have been first developed in the context of the European Project PEER and have been then further extended over the last years. Depending on the publishers (see bellow), the encoding of bibliographical information, abstracts, citation and full texts are supported.

Note: the test XML documents present in the sub-directory Samples are dummy documents with realistic publisher structures but random content.


XSLT 2.0 processor.

Note that there is unfortunately no open source nor free XSLT 2.0 processor implementation, as far as we know :(


The starting point of the transformation process is the style sheet Publisher.xsl.

The resulting TEI documents follow a TEI custumisation documented under the sub-directory Schemas. This TEI format is very close to the one used by GROBID, a complementary tool trying to convert documents in PDF into TEI.


The following publisher's formats should be properly processed:

  • BMJ: metadata, header, bibliography, body
  • Elsevier (journals and conferences): metadata, header, bibliography, body
  • IOP: metadata, header, bibliography.
  • NPG (Nature): metadata, header, bibliography, body
  • NLM: metadata, header, bibliography, body
  • OUP: ?
  • PNAS: metadata, header, bibliography, body
  • RSC: metadata, header, bibliography, body
  • Sage: metadata, header
  • ScholarOne: metadata, header
  • Springer: metadata, header, bibliography, body
  • Wiley: metadata, header, bibliography, body


Pub2TEI is distributed under BSD 2-clause license.


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