Bouton ISTEX : extension web capable d'insérer dynamiquement sur la page web consultée un lien vers le fulltext d'un document si ce dernier est disponible dans la plateforme ISTEX
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A basic add-on for identifying dynamically ISTEX resources in the browser pages.

This extension is an adaptation of istex-browser-addon, using "Web extensions" technology.

At the present time, 2 versions are available : one for Mozilla Firefox, the other for Google Chrome.


This add-on performs the following task:

  • Add an ISTEX button next to any DOI, OpenUrl and PMID found in the browser page in case the corresponding document is present in ISTEX, based on the ISTEX OpenURL service. Clicking on the ISTEX button will open a new tab with opening the corresponding PDF, assuming that the access to the ISTEX full-texts is authorized.

Supported identifiers and protocols

Linking work at item level (e.g. article) and will try to identifying the following identifiers in the web page:

  • OpenURL 1.0, including COInS - link resolver prefixes will be examined in case of SFX and Proquest 360 Link
  • DOI
  • PubMed ID (PMID)
  • Publisher Item Identifier (PII)

Supported browser


  • Firefox
  • Chrome


How to install

If you just want to install the extension, please visit and click on the big "Install" button.

If you use Google Chrome, you can alose visit the extension's homepage on the Chrome Web Store and click on the "Add to Chrome" button.


How to build the xpi:

npm i
npm run build

How to run the web extension in developer mode with firefox (you need to install firefox >= 49):

npm i
npm run run

It will open firefox on this page with the istex-web-extension loaded.