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prose syntax analysis in emacs
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Syntax analysis - Emacs minor mode

This Emacs packages provides syntax highlighting (nouns, verb, adverbs...) in English text.

It is a wrapper around the OSX program syn, which itself leverages functionality of MacOSX's natural language processing tools and takes inspiration from iA Writer Pro.


  • enable via `M-x wordsmith-mode'

  • shortcuts:

    C-c w n : highlight nouns in buffer

    C-c w v : highlight verbs in buffer

    C-c w w : ido menu to pick an attribute to highlight

    C-c w k : disable wordsmith highlighting in buffer

  • currently, you need to manually re-run the command for it to update when the buffer has changed.


Install syn first (requires OSX 10.7+) via shell:

curl -Ls > syn && chmod 755 syn && mv syn /usr/local/bin

Then install the wordsmith Emacs package using melpa:

M-x package-install RET wordsmith-mode RET



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