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Feature Lifecycle Checklist

This is the checklist describing the essential requirements for a feature to be labeled as Alpha, Beta, or Stable. This is a shortened version of the full Feature Lifecycle document.


A development feature can be officially labeled as Alpha once it meets the following requirements:

  • Config

    • Requires explicit user action to enable (e.g. a config field, config resource, or installation action).
  • Docs

    • Reference docs are published on
    • Basic feature docs are published on describing what the feature does, how to use it, and any caveats.
    • A reference to the design doc / issue is published on
  • Tests

    • Test coverage is >= 70%.
    • Integration tests cover core use cases with the feature enabled.
    • When disabled the feature does not affect system stability or performance.
  • Performance

    • Performance requirements assessed as part of design.
  • API

    • (Optional) Initial API review.


An Alpha feature can be officially labeled as Beta once it meets the following additional requirements:

  • Config

    • Can be enabled by default without requiring explicit user action.
  • Docs

    • Performance expectations of the feature are documented, may have caveats.
    • Documentation on includes samples/tutorials
    • Documentation on includes appropriate glossary entries
  • Tests

    • Test coverage is >= 80%
    • Integration tests cover feature edge cases
    • End-to-end tests cover samples/tutorials
    • Fixed issues have tests to prevent regressions
  • Performance

    • Feature has baseline performance tests.
  • API

    • API has had a thorough API review and is thought to be complete.
  • CLI

    • Necessary CLI commands have been implemented and are complete.
  • Bugs

    • Feature has no outstanding P0 bugs.


A Beta feature can be officially labeled as Stable once it meets the following additional requirements:

  • Tests

    • Test coverage is >= 90%
    • Automated tests are in place to prevent performance regressions.
  • Performance

    • Latency, throughput and scale are quantified and documented.
  • Bugs

    • Feature has no outstanding P0 or P1 bugs.
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