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Istio Technical Oversight Committee

The Istio Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) is responsible for cross-cutting product and design decisions.


  • Technical Project Oversight, Direction & Delivery

    • Set the overall technical direction and roadmap of the project.
    • Resolve technical issues, technical disagreements and escalations within the project.
    • Set the priorities of individual releases to ensure coherency and proper sequencing.
    • Approve declaring a new long-term supported (LTS) Istio release.
    • Approve the creation and dissolution of working groups and approve leadership changes of working groups.
    • Create proposals based on TOC discussions and bring them to the relevant working groups for discussion.
    • Approve the creation/deletion of GitHub repositories, along with other high-level administrative issues around GitHub and our other tools.
  • Happy Healthy Community

    • Establish and maintain the overall technical governance guidelines for the project.
    • Decide which sub-projects are part of the Istio project, including accepting new sub-projects and pruning existing sub-projects to maintain community focus.
    • Ensure the team adheres to our code of conduct and respects our values.
    • Foster an environment for a healthy and happy community of developers and contributors.

Committee mechanics

The TOC’s work includes:

  • Regular committee meetings to discuss hot topics, resulting in a set of published meeting notes.
  • Create, review, approve and publish technical project governance documents.
  • Create proposals for consideration by individual working groups to help steer their work towards a common project-wide objective.
  • Review/address/comment on project issues.
  • Act as a high-level sounding board for technical questions or designs bubbled up by the working groups.
Artifact Link
Discussion Forum Forum
Docs Folder
Meeting Notes Notes
Meeting Link Google Meet
Meeting Recordings YouTube

Committee meetings

The TOC meets regularly. The meetings are open to anyone interested, so please join us. The meeting schedule is tracked on the working group calendar; please follow the link for more details.

Community members are encouraged to suggest topics for discussion ahead of the TOC meetings, and are invited to observe these meetings and engage with the TOC. To suggest a topic, add it to the agenda.

Committee members

The members of the TOC are shown below. Membership in the TOC is determined by the Steering Committee.

  Name Company
Louis Ryan Google
Lin Sun
Neeraj Poddar
John Howard Google
Eric Van Norman IBM

Emeritus members

We would like to acknowledge previous TOC members for their huge contribution to the success of the Istio community:

  • Martin Taillefer
  • Shriram Rajagopalan
  • Daniel Berg
  • Joshua Blatt
  • Brian Avery
  • Sven Mawson

Getting in touch

If you'd like to reach out to the committee, please drop a note to