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Istio Working Groups

Most community activity is organized into working groups.

Working groups follow the contributing guidelines although each of these groups may operate a little differently depending on their needs and workflow.

When the need arises, a new working group can be created, please post to technical-oversight-committee working group if you think a new group is necessary.

The working groups generate design docs which are kept in a Team Drive. Anybody can access the team drive for reading and commenting. To get access simply join the istio-team-drive-access@ group. Once you've done that, head to Team Drive and behold all the docs.

The current working groups are:

Group Design Docs Discussion Forum Slack Channel Meeting Notes Meeting Link Meeting Recordings Description
Docs Folder Forum #docs Notes Hangouts Meet n/a User docs, information architecture, infrastructure
Environments Folder Forum #environments Notes Hangouts Meet YouTube Raw VM support, Hybrid Mesh, Mac/Windows support, Cloud Foundry integration
Networking Folder Forum #networking Notes Hangouts Meet YouTube Traffic Management, TCP Support, Additional L7 protocols, Proxy injection
Policies and Telemetry Folder Forum #policies-telemetry Notes Hangouts Meet YouTube Istio extensions for features such as Rate Limiting, Tracing, Monitoring, Logging
Product Security Folder Report a vulnerability Notes Hangouts Meet Product Security: Vulnerability, security guidelines, threats
Security Folder Forum #security Notes Hangouts Meet YouTube Service-to-service Auth, Identity/CA/SecretStore plugins, Identity Federation, End User Auth, Authority Delegation, Auditing
Test and Release Folder Forum #test-and-release Notes Hangouts Meet YouTube Build, test, release
User Experience UX Config(old) Forum #user-experience #config Notes WebEx YouTube User experience across Istio, API and CLI guidelines and support

NOTE: Config working group responsibilities have been merged into User Experience.

To join Istio's Slack workspace, please fill out this form.

Working group meetings

Working groups meet regularly. The meetings are open to anyone interested, so please join us. There's a number of ways to track the meeting schedules:

  • You can view the schedule of upcoming working group meetings in this calendar.

  • You can download an ICS file to import the working group meetings into your favorite iCal client.

If you have a Google account, you can also:

Working group leads

Each working group has one or more leads which coordinate the activities of the group:

  Name Company Groups
Brian Avery Red Hat Test and Release, Product Security
  Costin Manolache Google Networking - Control Plane
Frank Budinsky IBM Docs
Steven Dake IBM Environments
John Howard Google Environments
  Mandar Jog Google Policies and Telemetry
Oliver Liu Google Security
  Martin Ostrowski Google Environments
Francois Pesce Google Test and Release, Product Security
Douglas Reid Google Policies and Telemetry
  Piotr Sikora Google Networking - Data Plane
Ed Snible IBM User Experience
Mitch Connors Google User Experience
Eric Van Norman IBM Test and Release
  Limin Wang Google Security
Jacob Delgado Aspen Mesh Product Security
Lizan Zhou Tetrate Networking - Data Plane, Security
  Rama Chavali Salesforce Networking - Control Plane

Getting in touch

If you'd like to reach out to the working group leads, please drop a note to

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