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howardjohn and istio-testing Fix EnableFallthroughRoute for HTTPS traffic (#13440)
HTTPS traffic does not go through the route config like http, so the fix
to allow outbound traffic properly is not applied. Instead, we can do
the same thing at the listener level. Because we cannot do a direct
response here, we can't return a 502 in the case of REGISTRY_ONLY, but
we can still block the traffic (same behavior as if we had no listener
on the port).
Latest commit cbd4319 Apr 20, 2019
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docker Merge branch 'release-1.1' into master-merge Apr 10, 2019
pkg Fix EnableFallthroughRoute for HTTPS traffic (#13440) Apr 20, 2019
test Fix envvar linter use. (#13411) Apr 18, 2019
tools Add field to explicitly define Istio kind for config data (#13347) Apr 19, 2019
codecov.requirement Quick fixes for interception and debugging (#11065) Jan 24, 2019
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