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johnma14 and istio-testing Enable vulnerability scanning for Istio docker images (#14363)
Currently we build and push docker images for Istio components and sample apps as
part of our build process. In this PR, we have included a way to enable security
vulnerability scanning of these images using IBM's image scanning tool - ImageScanner
( The results of the image scans are put under a new folder
'vulnerability_scan_results' which will be available to view later.

Fixes Bug: #13262
Latest commit 5fcdb82 Jun 25, 2019

Bookinfo Sample


Build docker images without pushing

src/ <version>

The bookinfo versions are different from Istio versions since the sample should work with any version of Istio.

Update docker images in the yaml files

sed -i "s/\(istio\/examples-bookinfo-.*\):[[:digit:]]\.[[:digit:]]\.[[:digit:]]/<your docker image with tag>/g" */bookinfo*.yaml

Push docker images to docker hub

One script to build the docker images, push them to docker hub and to update the yaml files <version>


Bookinfo is tested by e2e smoke test on every PR. The Bookinfo e2e test is in tests/e2e/tests/bookinfo, make target e2e_bookinfo.

The reference productpage HTML files are in tests/apps/bookinfo/output. If the productpage HTML produced by the app is changed, remember to regenerate the reference HTML files and commit them with the same PR.

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