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Istio Release 1.5

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All dates are tentative

  • January 24th Code freeze
  • February 18th Community Testing Day 1
  • February 25th Community Testing Day 2
  • March 5th 1.5.0 release date

Release Managers

  • Francois Pesce @fpesce
  • Mariam John @johnma14
  • Daniel Grimm @dgn

Release Notes Draft

Available to the community here

For any new, user facing changes targeting Istio 1.5, please add a note below. Examples can be found from the previous release:

Traffic Management:




Configuration Management:

Installation & Upgrades:

Istioctl and Kubectl:


How do I get my changes into the release?

On January 21st, the release-1.5 branch will be created, based on master. Any changes on master before this date will be included in the release. Any changes after will have to be cherry picked.

To get a PR merged into the release branch, it must first be merged into the master branch. PRs can automatically be cherrypicked by typing by adding the cherrypick/release-1.5 label to the PR.

A PR on the release branch will only be approved if:

  • The change is already on master.
    • exception: if a change only applies to the release branch, and should not go to master, a change can be submitted directly to the release branch, but please note this in the PR description.
  • The change is a bug fix, documentation enhancement, or testing enhancement.
    • Changes that are risky may require a feature flag, especially after the 1.5.0 release.
    • Any change not meeting the above, such as a new feature or API, may require TOC approval.

Note: on the repo, changes should go directly to master until after the 1.5.0 launch. The changes will appear on preliminary

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