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cue-gen is a tool that generates OpenAPI schema and Kubernetes CustomResourceDefinition(CRD) configurations. It relies on cuelang packages to translate Protobuf definitions to OpenAPI schemas, specifically structural schemas in CRDs.


cue-gen can be used to generate OpenAPI schemas for each package respectively, OpenAPI schemas of all packages in one file, and CRDs in a file.

Generate OpenAPI schemas

To generate the OpenAPI schemas, configurations need to be specified in a JSON or YAML file. Use cue-gen -help to find out the configuration options.

Generate for each package respectively

directories need to be specified in the configuration file for packages that need OpenAPI schemas. Use cue-gen -f={PATH_TO_CONFIG_FILE} -paths={PATH_TO_PROTO_IMPORTS} to get the OpenAPI schema file(s) in each package.

Generate for all packages in one file

In addition to directories field in the configuration file, the all field needs to be specified. Use cue-gen -all -f={PATH_TO_CONFIG_FILE} -paths={PATH_TO_PROTO_IMPORTS} to get the OpenAPI schemas in a single file.

Generate CRDs

Configurations on how CRDs are generated are specified in the comments of the protos that map to the CRDs. For example, to generate CRD for DestinationRule, the following configuration needs to be added to the comment of the DestinationRule proto.

// <!-- crd generation tags
// +cue-gen:DestinationRule:version:v1alpha3
// +cue-gen:DestinationRule:storageVersion
// +cue-gen:DestinationRule:labels:app=istio-pilot,chart=istio,heritage=Tiller,release=istio
// +cue-gen:DestinationRule:subresource:status
// +cue-gen:DestinationRule:scope:Namespaced
// +cue-gen:DestinationRule:resource:categories=istio-io,networking-istio-io,shortNames=dr
// +cue-gen:DestinationRule:printerColumn:name=Host,type=string,,description="The name of a service from the service registry"
// +cue-gen:DestinationRule:printerColumn:name=Age,type=date,JSONPath=.metadata.creationTimestamp,description="CreationTimestamp is a timestamp
// representing the server time when this object was created. It is not guaranteed to be set in happens-before order across separate operations.
// Clients may not set this value. It is represented in RFC3339 form and is in UTC.
// Populated by the system. Read-only. Null for lists. More info:"
// -->

Use cue-gen -crd -f={PATH_TO_CONFIG_FILE} -paths={PATH_TO_PROTO_IMPORTS} to get the CRD file at {PWD}/kubernetes/customresourcedefinitions.gen.yaml.

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