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CSV Exporter

This Django package is a model exporter that can be run in a delayed task and emails a link to the resulting zip file containing a csv and all files.

How to use

To install the package

pip install django-csv-exporter

To use the package

def export(query_or_queryset, attributes, callback=None, timedelta=datetime.timedelta(days=2)):
from datetime import timedelta
from functools import partial
from csv_exporter import export, send_email_to_user

users = UserProfile.objects.filter(team='myteam', active=True)
callback = partial(send_email_to_user, ['email1@gmail.com', 'email2@gmail.com'])
zip_url = export(users, ('full_name', 'profile_picture', 'team.name', 'date_joined.isoformat'), callback, timedelta(days=2))

The function send_email_to_user is a helper function to send the zip_url to the users. The callback to export needs to accept the parameters (zip_url, timedelta). Timedelta is a length of time the url is valid for. Expiration works only for django-storages using s3-boto, otherwise the regular url is returned.

With Django RQ

import django_rq
django_rq.enqueue(export, users, ('full_name', 'profile_picture', 'team.name', 'date_joined.isoformat'), callback, timedelta(days=2))
# To save memory in redis you can also pass just the query instead of the QuerySet/list
django_rq.enqueue(export, users.query, ('full_name', 'profile_picture', 'team.name', 'date_joined.isoformat'), callback, timedelta(days=2))