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A cookiecutter template for ISL Django projects.

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Development Environment


Python Packages

mo-django is served with:

Starting a new project

First, make sure you have cookiecutter installed. If you are using OS X, Homebrew can take care of that for you:

brew install cookiecutter

Cookiecutter templates can be installed directly from GitHub. Navigate to the directory where you want your project to be created and run:

cookiecutter gh:istrategylabs/mo-django

Answer the questions as you are prompted. Once the project has been generated, navigate to your project and link it to github with:

cd yourprojectname
git init
git remote add origin
git add .
git commit -am 'Mo init'
git push -u origin master

The project contains a README with instructions on how to get your Django project up and running.

Go write beautiful code.

Developing mo-django

Install requirements:

pipenv install --dev --python 3.6