A Swift Example of our ISL's MVVM Technique
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Swift MVVM

A Swift Example of ISL's MVVM Technique

💰 Installation

  1. Create an account or grab a new API key from Dark Sky API
  2. Make sure CocoaPods is installed and up to date. Run pod install in the project directory.
  3. At the root of the repo find the keys_template.plst file. Copy or rename to keys.plist.
  4. Open swift-mvvm.workspace and drag the keys.plist into the project and add to target. Open the file an put your API Key in the plist under apiKey.
  5. Build and run!

⛽️ Dependecies

To minimize code and highlight the MVVM structure, two dependencies were used to make network calls easier.

  • Alamofire
  • SwiftyJSON

📱 Project Overview

  • NetworkManager.swift - Handles the GET Request to Dark Sky's API.
  • WeatherData.swift - Data model with the information we want to show in the app.
  • WeatherViewModel.swift - Takes in WeatherData and formats the data to be displayed in the views.
  • WeatherTableViewCell.swift - Updates the view from the view model.
  • Utilities.swift - Converts the payload into an array of WeatherData.