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<h1 class="title">Wt</h1>
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<p class="tagline">an all in one web developer helper tool</p>
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<a href="" class="download-button tar"><span>Download</span></a>
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<a href="" class="code">fork Wt on GitHub</a>
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<article class="markdown-body">
<p>WebTool is basically a collection of tools that I use for mostly client side web development, basically it includes:</p>
<li>Closure compiler</li>
<li>and some other goodies</li>
</ul><pre><code>Available commands:
`wt module create namespace &lt;modulename&gt;`
`wt module create object &lt;modulename&gt;`
`wt module create function &lt;modulename&gt;`
`wt module create widget &lt;modulename&gt;`
`wt lint &lt;file1.js file2.js ...&gt;`
`wt hint &lt;file1.js file2.js ...&gt;`
`wt doc create &lt;file1.js file2.js ...&gt; &lt;documentation directory&gt;`
`wt compile &lt;file1.js file2.js ...&gt; &lt;output file&gt;`
`wt build &lt;file1.js file2.js ...&gt; &lt;output file&gt;`
`wt acompile &lt;file1.js file2.js ...&gt; &lt;output file&gt;`
`wt help` - for more details...
JSDOC - <a href=""></a>
Google Closure Compiler - <a href=""></a>
JSLint - <a href=""></a>
<p>WT is written in PHP and requires Java for some of the tools that it includes.</p>
<pre><code>$ wget <a href=""></a>
$ sudo dpkg -i wt-current-all.deb
$ rm -f wt-current-all.deb
<h3>OS X</h3>
<p>Coming soon, I still need to figure this one out.</p>
<div class="owner">
<p><a href="" class="avatar"><img src=";d=" width="48" height="48"/></a> <a href="">istvan-antal</a> maintains <a href="">Wt</a></p>
<div class="creds">
<small>This page generated using <a href="">GitHub Pages</a><br/>theme by <a href="">Jon Rohan</a></small>
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