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Please read the release notes below before upgrading.

Merged with upstream Luggage 3.5.0. Suitcase Interim is now included in this release and will be default when running the build_luggage_isu.sh script. There are also improvements to Suitcase "Classic" and isushib in this release.

A full list of changes can be found in LUGGAGE_ISU_CHANGELOG.txt

Release Notes:

  • Upgrading a site from Suitcase Classic (included in the previous release of Luggage ISU) to Suitcase Interim is a manual process. Information about Suitcase Interim can be found in the Suitcase Interim README.
  • On a fresh build of Luggage ISU, Suitcase Interim will be the default theme. This can be overridden by adding the -t option to specify that you want the theme to be suitcase instead of suitcase_interim. E.g., ./scripts/build_luggage_isu.sh -t suitcase.