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TumblrKit is a Cocoa interface for Tumblr

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TumblrKit is a light-weight wrapper around Tumblr's API in Objective-C.

Currently you can:

  • Fetch posts from Tumblr (regular, conversation, quote and link)
  • Upload posts to Tumblr (regular, conversation, quote and link)


You can fetch a post with a specific POST_ID using the following:

TKTumblr *tumblr = [[TKTumblr alloc] initWithEmail:EMAIL andPassword:PASSWORD];
TKPost *thePost = [tumblr postWithID:[NSNumber numberWithInt:POST_ID] andDomain:@""];
NSLog(@"thePost: %@", thePost);

If you want to fetch more than one post:

// Instantiate a new TKTumblr object.
TKTumblr *tumblr = [[TKTumblr alloc] initWithEmail:EMAIL andPassword:PASSWORD];

// Configure a delegate implementing the TKTumblrDelegate protocol.
tumblr.delegate = aDelegate;

// Configure the read request object.
TKTumblrReadRequest *theReadRequest = [[TKTumblrReadRequest alloc] init];

// Return the post in raw text (if you wrote using Markdown).
theReadRequest.filter = TKPostFilterNone;

// Execute the read request. For each post, TKTumblr will send the
// tumblrDidReceivePost:withDomain: message to the delegate object.
[tumblr postsWithReadRequest:theReadRequest];

To upload a TKPost:

// Create a new TKPost
TKPostRegular *thePost = [[TKPostRegular alloc] init];
thePost.title = @"The title";
thePost.body = @"The body";

// Upload it to Tumblr. The delegate will receive either
// tumblrDidUploadPost:withDomain:postId: or
// tumblrDidFailToUploadPost:withDomain:returnCode:
[tumblr uploadPost:thePost withDomain:@""];

// If you're lazy, you can dismiss the withDomain to upload to your main
// Tumblelog.
[tumblr uploadPost:thePost];
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