Cross-Origin-Resource-Sharing test bench, forked then Perl-ified
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CORS Cookie test

A self-contained Dancer app to test Cross-Origin-Resource-Sharing (CORS) and to inspect how your Headers, Credentials and Cookies flow around and interact with each other.

Install & Usage

(It's important to run this here with plackup, as HTTP::Server::Simple won't "grok" the OPTIONS HTTP method.)

Then open in your browser

Open Firebug or Web Developer Console to see the important stuff.

Also: make sure you allow third-party cookies (!) when you want to test setting Cookies.


This is a bit half-baked. Hideki's original has some clever logic going on which would increment a counter when everything works. But in my port, there's one tiny bit broken, and I haven't tracked down which. I used this test-bench to configure another project where I was able to sort everything out, and then left it as is. So, dear reader, happy forking.



GPL v3