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added some style and hasNext hasPrevoius binding

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krebbl committed May 19, 2012
1 parent b92cf08 commit 929a6cdebb389f0664990a25b671b6bde30ef8fa
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@@ -26,18 +26,18 @@
<div class="product-types">
- <a onclick="prevPage" class="previous-page" title="previous page"/>
+ <a onclick="prevPage" class="previous-page" title="previous page" visible="{productTypePage.hasPreviousPage()}"/>
<ui:SelectionView items="{productTypePage.list}" tagName="ul" selectedItem="{{selectedProductType}}"
- class="product-type-selector">
+ class="product-type-selector" needsSelection="true">
<js:Template name="item">
<sprdView:ProductTypeImage productType="{$item}" width="50" height="50" alt="${$}"/>
- <a onclick="nextPage" class="next-page" title="next page"/>
+ <a onclick="nextPage" class="next-page" title="next page" visible="{productTypePage.hasNextPage()}"/>
<div class="info">

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