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Mirgalimova committed Jun 28, 2019
1 parent 798ada7 commit aa3b4a1dec6a5f61865bb45c99ea8d7b508c13ea
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  1. +2 −9 web_debranding/static/description/index.html
@@ -27,20 +27,15 @@ <h2 class="oe_slogan">Backend debranding</h2>
<p class="oe_mt32">
<li> Deletes Odoo label in footer </li>
<li> Replaces "Odoo" in page title </li>
<li> Replaces "Odoo" in help message for empty list </li>
<li> Deletes Documentation, Support, About links. Adds "Developer mode" link to the top right-hand User Menu. </li>
<li> Replaces default logo by empty image </li>
<li> Replaces "Odoo" in Dialog Box </li>
<li> Replaces "Odoo" in strings marked for translation. </li>
<li> Replaces "Odoo" in strings marked for translation </li>
<li> Replaces default favicon to a custom one </li>
<li> <b>Hides Apps menu</b> (by default, only admin (superuser) can see Apps menu. You could change it via tick "Show Modules Menu" in user's access rights tab) </li>
<li> Disables server requests to (publisher_warranty_url) - optional. Works only for non-enterprise versions of odoo </li>
<li> Deletes "My account" button </li>
<li> Deletes Apps and other blocks from Settings/Dashboard </li>
<li> Replaces "Odoo" in planner </li>
<li> Replaces footer in planner to a custom one. </li>
<li> Deletes Share block and branded parts of other blocks at [[ Settings ]] >> Dashboard </li>
<li> Deletes "Odoo" in a request message for permission desktop notifications. Replaces "Odoo" and icon in desktop notifications </li>
<li> [ENTERPRISE] Deletes odoo logo in application switcher </li>
<li> Hides Enterprise features in Settings </li>
@@ -49,8 +44,6 @@ <h2 class="oe_slogan">Backend debranding</h2>
<li> Rename "OdooBot" to "Bot". Use company's logo as bot avatar </li>
<li> [ENTERPRISE] Replaces icons for android and apple devices with custom url </li>
<li> Replaces links to <a href=""> documentation </a> (e.g. "Help" in Import tool, "How-to" in paypal, etc.) to custom website </li>
<li> Removes official videos in planner </li>
<li> Replaces "Odoo" in <i>application installed</i> mails </li>

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