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🚑 enable the ability to connect to the build with debug mode enabled

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trojikman committed Jul 12, 2019
1 parent 5a2dc5d commit 24cb2caa4268f314415198b315bd330979842751
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@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@

class SaasController(odoo.http.Controller):
@route('/saas/auth-to-build/<int:build_id>', type='http', auth='user')
def auth_to_build(self, build_id=None):
def auth_to_build(self, build_id=None, **kwargs):
if not build_id:
return False
build_url = request.env['saas.db'].browse(build_id).get_url() + '/auth_quick/login?build_login=admin'

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