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User stories

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User & Auth:

  • create a Maps account
  • login with maps account
  • login with google
  • login with facebook
  • associate account automatically if same email
  • associate accounts
  • view user profile (with user updates, geometry and picture)
  • edit user profile public data
  • edit user personal data (password and etc)
  • edit user mailling options
  • add or edit user geometry (point on map)


  • add a community from map
  • list communities
  • filter communities
  • view a community data
  • view community on the map
  • edit a community
  • community mini-map on listing page


  • add a need from listing page
  • list needs
  • filter needs
  • view needs on map
  • add a need from map
  • view a need details page
  • edit a need
  • need mini-map on listing page


  • see a need's proposals
  • add a proposal
  • edit proposal


  • add a resource from listing page
  • list resources
  • filter resources
  • view resources on map
  • add a resource from map
  • edit a resource
  • resource mini-map on listing page


  • add a organization from listing page
  • list organizations
  • filter organizations
  • view organizations details page
  • add branch from map with existing organization
  • add branch from map with new organization
  • see organizations points (branches) on map
  • edit organization
  • edit branch
  • edit branch geomtry


  • add investment for proposals
  • add investment for organization
  • add investment for resource
  • edit investment
  • list investments
  • add investment with date range
  • add investment with anonymous donor
  • add investment with organization as donor
  • add investment with a new investor as donor


  • add new project
  • edit project
  • list projects
  • filter projects
  • add community to project
  • add organization to project
  • add contributor to project
  • add resource to project
  • add need to project
  • add investment to project
  • see project related objects list
  • see project map, with all related objects
  • make a project private (only contributors can edit)
  • make a project discussion page private (only contributors can see)


  • create a discussion for any object (Org, Need, Resource, Community, ..)
  • edit discussion
  • comment on a discussion


  • see history on:
    • Need
    • Community
    • Organization
    • Resource
    • Investment
    • Proposal
    • Project


  • search on upper bar for:
    • Community
    • Need
    • Users
    • Organization
    • Resource
    • Project
    • Google results
  • remeber last search
  • search result link send to view url
  • search map icon send to map centered on the result point


  • see updates list
  • see news
  • see help links


  • comment any object
  • comment a comment (threaded comments)

Delete and Report:

  • report or ask for deleting a content


  • follow any object
  • receive mails, given your settings, for any update on it

Social buttons:

  • tweet button
  • g+ button
  • Fb like button
  • for any content


  • add new points
  • see geo-referred objects.
  • filter by type (layers) : Need, Resource, Organization and Communities
  • Search given a center and a radius.



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