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How to Play the game.

  1. Use arrow keys to move the player and collect the candies.
  2. Try to collect the candies in the minimum number of moves possible.

Rendering random sprites

For each row, one column is randomly selected and a candy is placed in it.


  1. Number of candies is equal to boardSizeY.
  2. If boardSizeY is 10, then the initial row position of player is 5.

Local Setup for contribution

  1. Fork the repo and clone your forked repo.
  2. Create a branch for the feature named username-featurename.
  3. Run npm i to install libraries and tool the project uses.
  4. Run npm run start to start game.

Contributors Guide

  1. Please create an Issue or comment on existing issue before sending a PR.
  2. Make sure all tests are passing. This can be done locally by running npm run test. Tests are also run via CI and you'll get a build status right on the PR itself.
  3. Run npm run format before the final commit.
  4. Allow edits from maintainers on the PR.