Data & Analytics Framework (DAF)
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Data & Analytics Framework (DAF)

Welcome to the project homepage.

Infrastructure setup

To see how the DAF is setup please take a look at the setup documentation.

Development Guidelines

In general, we prefer to keep all the project with Version 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT. This requires that could need to publish to your local nexus ivy repository some local projects. This part is experimental and can change in the future.


We use submodules for Kong and other projects. To init the repo submodule run:

$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update

Internal Team

Each time you start working on the DAF the desiderata is that:

  • For a new feature you have to create a branch with a meaningful name. The desiderata is something like feature_some_meaningful_name. It would be useful also to have a branch related to the feature
  • For a bug-fix you have to create a branch named bug_number_of_the_bug

Whenever the work on the branch is finished it is need to:

  1. squash all your commit in one commit
  2. create a pull request for master and assign it to another one in the team.

If you don't have practice with branching, squashing and merging you can use git-extras as helper. Git extras has commands like: git feature to create a feature, git squash to squash your commits.

The aim of this is to share your work.

The releases will be tagged and there will be also a branch.

External TEAM

Please fork the project and then do a pull request at the end. Pull request are super welcome !!! :)

Dev Doc

  1. metrics setup
  2. java configurations setup