Support for making ckan plus dcatap_it plugins running under docker
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CKAN Docker based infrastructure

This project provides everything you need to run ckan plus a set of plugins for supporting Italian open data. It has been currently used only in testing environments but we think it can provide a good base for running a production service (please feel free to contribute with pull requests to this end).

Developed in collaboration with:


Docker containers for ckan + plugin dcat + dcat-ap-it

Container images details:

- Ckan 2.6.4
	- stats
	- text_view
	- image_view
	- recline_view
	- datastore
	- spatial_metadata
	- spatial_query
	- harvest
	- ckan_harvester
	- multilang
	- multilang_harvester
	- dcat
	- dcat_rdf_harvester
	- dcat_json_harvester
	- dcat_json_interface
	- dcatapit_pkg
	- dcatapit_org
	- dcatapit_config
	- dcatapit_harvester
	- dcatapit_csw_harvester
	- dcatapit_harvest_list
	- dcatapit_subcatalog_facets

- Solr 6.2

- Redis  4.0.2

- CKAN PostgreSQL  10.1


PostgreSQL image (geosolutionsit/dati-ckan-docker:postgresql-10.1) is just a tag on the latest official CKAN PostgreSQL image available at the time of writing. We tagged it and pushed the tag to Docker Hub in orver to have a well known, working version without following the "lastest" available from CKAN

Follow these steps to run the Docker images:

  1. git clone
  2. cd dati-ckan-docker
  3. git submodule update --init --recursive
  4. ./ #it will build the images needed by docker-compoose
  5. docker-compose up -d # it will run all the needed containers
  6. identify the name of the CKAN Container and run the following command: docker exec -ti <ckan> / where <ckan> is the name of the container as per docker ps command output

Then you can open the ckan home http://localhost:5000. The script creates an admin user with the following credentials: ckanadmin/ckanpassword and initialize the various plugins

CKAN Harvest


Ckan starts automatically the harvesting function.

You can see logs during harvesting import with following command:

docker logs ckan -f

CKAN Periodic Harvest runs

Schedule a CRON job on the host machine to run the "" script at the root of the file system of the CKAN container. How to do this really depends on how you run the containers. When running containers with docker-compose for instance we did this by getting the container id and using docker-exec to run a command inside the container, as follows:

containerid=`docker ps | grep geosolutionsit/dati-ckan-docker:ckan-agid-devel | awk '{print $11}'`
echo $containerid
docker exec -it $containerid / 2>&1 /var/log/periodic-harvest-run.out
docker exec -it $containerid / 2>&1 /var/log/periodic-harvest-joball.out

And scheduling a periodic run of the above script every 15 minutes with CRON on the host machine