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Docs Italia theme

This is the official theme for any piece of documentation hosted on the upcoming Docs Italia.

How to use Sphinx Italia on your documentation

  • Add the following line to your documentation requirements.txt file:

    $ pip install git+
  • In your file, you'll need to specify the theme as follows:

    # Add this line at the top of the file within the "import" section
    import docs_italia_theme
    # Add the Sphinx extension 'docs_italia_theme' in the extensions list
    extensions = [
      # ...,
    # Edit these lines
    html_theme = "docs_italia_theme"
    html_theme_path = [docs_italia_theme.get_html_theme_path()]

Contributing or modifying the theme

  • Clone the repository:

    git clone git+
  • If needed, install Sphinx into a virtual environment:

    pip install sphinx
  • If needed, install SASS:

    gem install sass
  1. Install node.js and grunt:

    // Install node on OS X
    brew install node
    // Install grunt
    npm install -g grunt-cli
    // Now that everything is installed, let's install the theme dependecies.
    npm install
  2. Run the main script to load a sample docs with the Sphinx Italia theme applied:

    npm start

    This will compile static assets and watch files required for the theme to reload at runtime.

TODO: building a release, handling versioning system to enable automatic update on Docs Italia platform