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Perl module for SPID authentication

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This Perl module is aimed at implementing SPID Service Providers and Attribute Authorities. SPID is the Italian digital identity system, which enables citizens to access all public services with single set of credentials. This module provides a layer of abstraction over the SAML protocol by exposing just the subset required in order to implement SPID authentication in a web application. In addition, it will be able to generate the HTML code of the SPID login button and enable developers to implement an Attribute Authority.

This module is not bound to any particular web framework, so you'll have to do some plumbing yourself in order to route protocol messages over HTTP (see the example/ directory for a full working example).

On top of this module, plugins for web frameworks can be developed in order to achieve even more API abstraction. See Dancer2::Plugin::SPID for the well-known Dancer2 framework. A plugin for Mojolicious is in the works.


Compliance with SPID regulations (for Service Providers)
parsing of IdP XML metadata (
support for multiple signing certificates in IdP XML metadata (
parsing of AA XML metadata (2.2.4)
SP XML metadata generation (1.3.2)
AuthnRequest generation (
generation of AuthnRequest XML
HTTP-Redirect binding
HTTP-POST binding
AssertionConsumerServiceURL customization
AssertionConsumerServiceIndex customization
AttributeConsumingServiceIndex customization
AuthnContextClassRef (SPID level) customization
RequestedAuthnContext/@Comparison customization
RelayState customization (1.2.2)
Response/Assertion parsing
verification of Signature value (if any)
verification of Signature certificate (if any) against IdP/AA metadata
verification of Assertion/Signature value
verification of Assertion/Signature certificate against IdP/AA metadata
verification of SubjectConfirmationData/@Recipient
verification of SubjectConfirmationData/@NotOnOrAfter
verification of SubjectConfirmationData/@InResponseTo
verification of Issuer
verification of Assertion/Issuer
verification of Destination
verification of Conditions/@NotBefore
verification of Conditions/@NotOnOrAfter
verification of Audience
parsing of Response with no Assertion (authentication/query failure)
parsing of failure StatusCode (Requester/Responder)
Response/Assertion parsing for SSO (1.2.1,, 1.3.1):
parsing of NameID
parsing of AuthnContextClassRef (SPID level)
parsing of attributes
Response/Assertion parsing for attribute query (, 2.3.1):
parsing of attributes
LogoutRequest generation (for SP-initiated logout):
generation of LogoutRequest XML
HTTP-Redirect binding
HTTP-POST binding
LogoutResponse parsing (for SP-initiated logout):
parsing of LogoutResponse XML
verification of Response/Signature value (if any)
verification of Response/Signature certificate (if any) against IdP metadata
verification of Issuer
verification of Destination
PartialLogout detection
LogoutRequest parsing (for third-party-initiated logout):
parsing of LogoutRequest XML
verification of Response/Signature value (if any)
verification of Response/Signature certificate (if any) against IdP metadata
verification of Issuer
verification of Destination
parsing of NameID
LogoutResponse generation (for third-party-initiated logout):
generation of LogoutResponse XML
HTTP-Redirect binding
HTTP-POST binding
PartialLogout customization
AttributeQuery generation (
generation of AttributeQuery XML
SOAP binding (client)

Compliance with SPID regulations (for Attribute Authorities)
parsing of SP XML metadata (1.3.2)
AA XML metadata generation (2.2.4)
AttributeQuery parsing (
parsing of AttributeQuery XML
verification of Signature value
verification of Signature certificate against SP metadata
verification of Issuer
verification of Destination
parsing of Subject/NameID
parsing of requested attributes
Response/Assertion generation (
generation of Response/Assertion XML

More features

  • Generation of SPID button markup

Repository layout

  • example/ contains a demo application based on Dancer2
  • lib/Net/ contains the source code of the Net::SPID module, which is just a wrapper around Net::SPID::SAML and Net::SPID::OpenID
  • t/ contains the test suite

Prerequisites & Installation

This module should be compatible with Perl 5.10+. Just install it with cpanm and all dependencies will be retrieved automatically:

cpanm Net::SPID

Or, if you want the latest version from git, use:


Getting Started

The example/ directory contains a demo web application. Just follow these steps in order to test it quickly:

  1. Run the demo application:

    cd example/
  2. Connect to http://localhost:8000/metadata and grab the metadata of the demo Service Provider.

  3. Configure spid-testenv2 and load the above Service Provider metadata into it.

  4. Launch http://localhost:8000 and enjoy your SPID demo.


See the POD documentation in Net::SPID and the other .pm files or browse it on MetaCPAN.

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