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SPID SAML Check is a tool that performs some tests on Service Providers, as inspecting requests shipped to an Identity Provider, checking metadata compliance and sending custom responses back to Service Provider. It includes a tool based on Tox (specs-compliance-tests) to check the SPID specifications compliance, a Node.js web application (spid-validator) that provides an easy to use interface and an extension for Google Chrome that intercepts the request.

SPID SAML Check has been developed and is maintained by AgID - Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale

How to build with Docker

git clone
cd spid-saml-check
$ docker build -t spid-saml-check .

How to run with Docker

$ docker run -t -i -p 8080:8080 spid-saml-check


  • copy spid-saml-check metadata to the SP you want to test with. spid-saml-check metadata can be downloaded at: http://localhost:8080/metadata.xml

    wget http://localhost:8080/metadata.xml -O /path/to/your/sp/metadata/folder/spid-saml-check-metadata.xml
  • start authentication request connecting to your SP, the AuthnRequest would be created and sent to spid-saml-check. You should access to a page like shown in the following picture login page

  • submit validator/ validator as credential

  • You would see the SAML2 Authn Request made from your SP authn request

  • Click on Metadata -> Download and submit your SP metadata url. Warning: If your SP is on your localhost, please use your host Docker IP and not "localhost"! metadata

  • Send an authn request to spid-saml-chek in order to unlock Request and Response menu

  • Now you'll be able to execute all the tests, in order of appareance: Metadata, Request and Response.

  • Select in the scroll menu the test you want to execute, then mark it as done and if successful Response

How to use it as a SPID Validator

The Node.js application, if invoked as a web application as is, provides "basic", formal validation of a Service Provider's SAML metadata.

In order to unleash the full set of SPID compliance tests (the proper SPID Validator), retrieve the metadata of SPID Validator at http://localhost:8080/metadata.xml and configure it on as a new Identity Provider (IdP) under your Service Provider (SP) implementation.

When used in this fashion, the SPID Validator can be invoked as an IdP from your SP, listing 300+ individual controls, divided into 7 families:

  • 4 families for the formal validation of the SP metadata (already described);
  • 3 families for the formal validation of the SP's SAML request;
  • 1 family (111 controls) for interactively validating the SP behaviour to SAML responses from IdP's.

To use the SPID Validator the AuthnRequest are thus sent from your SP, loggin in to Validator with following credentials:

Username: validator

Password: validator