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Slides of C++ Day 2017
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(Slightly) Smarter Smart Pointers - Carlo Pescio.pdf
C++ and UI un approccio alternativo - Daniele Pallastrelli.pdf
C++ interoperability with other languages - Alberto Bignotti.pdf
Immediate Mode User Interface in C++ - Stefano Cristiano.pdf
Intelligenza Artificiale Oggi - Sebastiano Galazzo.pptx

C++ Day 2017

Slides and material of the event happened on December 2 in Modena. Videos are all in the italian language.

Youtube playlist

Herb Sutter's greetings video


  • (Slightly) Smarter Smart Pointers by Carlo Pescio
  • C++ e UI: un approccio alternativo by Daniele Pallastrelli
  • Immediate Mode Graphical User Interfaces in C++ by Stefano Cristiano
  • C/C++ interoperability with other languages by Alberto Bignotti
  • Intelligenza Artificiale oggi by Sebastiano Galazzo
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