Slides of C++ Day 2018
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AI - Sebastiano Galazzo.pptx
Exploring IoT with RTI DDS.pdf
Il Punto su C++20 - Alberto Barbati.pdf
Keynote HPX - John Biddiscombe.pdf
Lessons Learned Developing Evolutionary Algorithms in C++ - Manlio Morini.pdf
Runtime Reflection - Michele Caini.pdf
Unconvex Nesting Optimization - Fabrizio Radaelli.pptx
Unevaluated Operands - Michele Caini.pdf

C++ Day 2018

Slides and material of the event happened on November 24 in Pavia.

Youtube playlist - Not Yet


  • Keynote HPX : High performance computing in C++ with concurrency, parallelism and futures by John Biddiscombe
  • Unconvex Nesting Optimization by Fabrizio Radaelli
  • A.I. dalla teoria alla pratica by Sebastiano Galazzo
  • Exploring IoT with RTI DDS Connext by Giorgio Zoppi
  • Unevaluated operands: the SFINAE you don’t expect by Michele Caini
  • Macro free non intrusive runtime reflection system in C++ by Michele Caini
  • Lessons Learned Developing Evolutionary Algorithms in C++ by Manlio Morini
  • Il punto su C++20 by Alberto Barbati
  • Cython: Importare il C++ in Python velocemente by Federico Pasqua
  • GIS in C++: cosa si nasconde dietro l’app mappe del tuo smarthphone? by Alberto Bignotti