Slides of the Italian C++ Conference 2018
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ABC Agile, BMWs, and C++ - Peter Sommerlad.pdf
Channels Are Useful - Felix Petriconi.pdf
Coming Soon to a C++ Compiler Near You, Coroutines - Alberto Barbati.pdf
CppWinRT e il futuro dello sviluppo desktop in Windows - Raffaele Rialdi.pdf
Debug C++ without Running - Anastasia Kazakova.pdf
Time Travel Debugging - Paolo Severini.pdf
Web Assembly - Paolo Severini.pdf
Work with C++ on Mac Linux and Windows with Visual Studio Code - Emanuele Bartolesi.pdf
Writing and using compile-time heterogeneous hash-table - Denis Panin.pdf
Zero-allocation & no type erasure - Vittorio Romeo.pdf

Italian C++ Conference 2018

Slides and material of the event happened on June 23 in Milan.