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PCSX Upstream Authors: Linuzappz <>
Shadow <>
Pete Bernett <>
NoComp <>
Akumax <>
PCSX Copyright: (c) 1999-2003 Pcsx Team
(c) 1998 Vision Thing
df Upstream Authors: Ryan Schultz <>
Andrew Burton <>
Stephen Chao <>
Marcus Comstedt <>
Stefan Sikora <>
df Copyright: (c) 2005 Ryan Schultz
(c) 2005 Andrew Burton
(c) 2007 Stephen Chao
(c) 2006 Marcus Comstedt
PCSX-Reloaded Authors/Contributors: avlex (Help on xcode project)
Dario (Various bugfixes)
edgbla (Root counters, various core/plugin fixes)
Firnis (GTE code from PCSX-Revolution Project)
Gabriele Gorla (MDEC decoder)
maggix (Snow Leopard compile fix)
NeToU (Bugfix)
Peter Collingbourne (Various core/psxbios fixes)
siveritas (Bugfix)
shalma (GTE Divider, various core fixes)
Tristin Celestin (PulseAudio support)
Wei Mingzhi (Maintainer, input plugin, iso/cheat support, misc stuff)
PCSX-Reloaded Translators: edgbla (Russian)
Giovanni Scafora (Italian)
Tibério Vítor (Brazilian Portuguese)
Wei Mingzhi (Simplified & Traditional Chinese)
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