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Commits on Oct 17, 2012
  1. @fabricedesre

    Merge pull request #5850 from marshall/updateStatus

    fabricedesre authored
    Bug 801742: Show system update status messages in Settings. r=etienne
Commits on Oct 16, 2012
  1. @jlebar

    Merge pull request #5824 from benfrancis/browser-performance

    jlebar authored
    Bug 800459 - Browser part of getScreenshot changes to decrease memory usage
  2. @marshall
  3. @marshall

    Bug 801742: Show system update status messages in Settings. r=etienne

    marshall authored
    Depends on matching platform code in the bug.
  4. @vingtetun

    Merge pull request #5818 from pivanov/edit_mode

    vingtetun authored
    [BB] edit_mode - fix the issues when we have button inside header
  5. @jonallengriffin

    Merge pull request #5750 from jonallengriffin/bug796200

    jonallengriffin authored
    [Bug 796200] - Make separate package for gaia test class [r=mdas], [a=test-only, vingtetun]
  6. @vingtetun

    Merge pull request #5835 from fabi1cazenave/lint

    vingtetun authored
    bug 800028: fix lint errors, again
  7. @vingtetun

    Merge pull request #5795 from adityab/gallery-799989

    vingtetun authored
    Bug 799989 - Fix Highlight/Selection color inconsistencies
  8. @fabi1cazenave

    Merge pull request #5837 from fabi1cazenave/stk-debug

    fabi1cazenave authored
    bug 797367: only call JSON.stringify() when necessary
  9. @etiennesegonzac

    Merge pull request #5842 from fabi1cazenave/app-permissions

    etiennesegonzac authored
    bug 801683, typo: s/30p/30px/
  10. @fabi1cazenave

    typo: s/30p/30px/

    fabi1cazenave authored
  11. @fabi1cazenave
  12. @alivedise

    Merge pull request #5820 from alivedise/bugzilla/800689/modal-dialog-…

    alivedise authored
    Bug 800689 - Support modal dialogs (alert/prompt/confirm) from inline activity frames
  13. @alivedise

    Bug 800689 - Support modal dialogs (alert/prompt/confirm) from inline

    alivedise authored
    activity frames; r=timdream, a=blocking-basecamp
  14. @vingtetun

    Merge pull request #5794 from benfrancis/homescreen-add-bookmark

    vingtetun authored
    Bug 797377 - [Homescreen] deal with very small or very large icons
  15. @benfrancis
  16. @arcturus

    Merge pull request #5836 from chrisvargauk/dialer-apply_diff

    arcturus authored
    Bug 799132 - [DIALER] more contacts with same number
  17. @chrisvargauk
  18. @fabi1cazenave

    fix lint errors

    fabi1cazenave authored
  19. @fabi1cazenave

    Merge pull request #5832 from frsela/stkui_withoutconfigfile

    fabi1cazenave authored
    Bug 797367 - [STK] UX Improvements and Stacked navigation [Removed config.json], r=kaze, a=vingtetun
  20. @fabi1cazenave

    Merge pull request #5833 from frsela/stkui_fixconfirm_usingbb

    fabi1cazenave authored
    Fixed confirm dialog to use BB, r=kaze, a=vingtetun
  21. @fabi1cazenave

    Merge pull request #5811 from rnowm/bb-tabs-filters

    fabi1cazenave authored
    Tabs and filters markup related to bug 799947 r=kaze, a=vingtetun
  22. @fabi1cazenave

    Merge pull request #5786 from fabi1cazenave/shared-style-unstable

    fabi1cazenave authored
    bug 799947: `/shared/style_unstable/` support
  23. @fabi1cazenave

    /shared/style_unstable/ support

    fabi1cazenave authored
  24. @vingtetun

    Merge pull request #5834 from alivedise/bugzilla/796769/landscape-vol…

    vingtetun authored
    Bug 796769 - Visual for volume overlay in landscape mode
  25. @alivedise
  26. @frsela

    Bug 797367 - [STK] UX Improvements and Stacked navigation [Fixed conf…

    frsela authored
    …irm dialog to use BB], r=vingtetun
  27. @frsela

    Fixed comment

    frsela authored
  28. @vingtetun

    Merge pull request #5829 from timdream/system/screen-size

    vingtetun authored
    Bug 800459 - System part of getScreenshot changes to decrease memory usage
  29. @vingtetun

    Merge pull request #5828 from alivedise/bugzilla/802002/update-batter…

    vingtetun authored
    Bug 802002 - [System Overlay] Update Battery graphics
  30. @vingtetun

    Merge pull request #5831 from ian-liu/audio_tag_test

    vingtetun authored
    UI test for audio tag
  31. @arcturus

    Merge pull request #5777 from gtorodelvalle/feature-dialer-ussd-bugs-…

    arcturus authored
    [Bug 799443][Dialer][USSD] Properly dealing with DOMRequest.result/error when sending MMI (after squashing)
  32. @ian-liu

    UI test for audio tag

    ian-liu authored
  33. @dominickuo

    Merge pull request #5825 from dominickuo/music-visual-polish

    dominickuo authored
    Bug 796313, Bug 797877 - [music] add styles and images for UI polish
  34. @timdream

    Merge pull request #5827 from RudyLu/vkb_noLayout_workaround

    timdream authored
    Bug 801045 - [Workaround] Do updateSettings() to init layout info before
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