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mitamae is a tool to automate configuration management using a Chef-like DSL powered by mruby.

Key Features

  • Fast - mitamae is optimized for local execution. It uses C functions via mruby libraries for core operations where possible, instead of executing commands on a shell or over a SSH connection like other tools, which is very slow.

  • Simple - Running mitamae doesn't require Chef Server, Berkshelf, Data Bags, or even RubyGems. The mitamae core provides only essential features. You can quickly be a master of mitamae.

  • Single Binary - mitamae can be deployed by just transferring a single binary to servers. You don't need to rely on slow operations over a SSH connection to workaround deployment problems.


Download a binary for your platform from GitHub Releases.

curl -L \
  | tar xvz
./mitamae-x86_64-linux help

Getting Started

Create a recipe file as recipe.rb:

package 'nginx' do
  action :install

service 'nginx' do
  action [:enable, :start]

And then excute mitamae local command to apply a recipe to a local machine.

$ mv mitamae-x86_64-linux mitamae
$ ./mitamae local recipe.rb
 INFO : Starting mitamae...
 INFO : Recipe: /home/user/recipe.rb
 INFO :   package[nginx] installed will change from 'false' to 'true'
 INFO :   service[nginx] enabled will change from 'false' to 'true'
 INFO :   service[nginx] running will change from 'false' to 'true'

See mitamae help local for available options. --log-level=debug is helpful to inspect what's executed in detail.


mitamae was built as an alternative implementation of Itamae. Therefore you may refer to resources related to Itamae for mitamae as well.

How to write recipes

Please refer to Itamae wiki:

mitamae's original features

They should be ported to Itamae at some point.

  • not_if / only_if can take a block instead of a command
  • file, remote_file, and template resources have atomic_update attribute


Please see for how to install or create plugins for mitamae.

Find mitamae plugins and Itamae plugins supporting mitamae on GitHub.

mruby features

The DSL is based on mruby instead of standard Ruby unlike Chef and Itamae. You may use the following mruby features in mitamae recipes.

Supported platforms

Running mitamae on servers

When you want to use mitamae on remote servers, you need to distribute a mitamae binary and recipes to the servers and run them remotely. There are at least the following ways to do it:

  • rsync and ssh - It's handy to send them using rsync and run them using ssh when you apply recipes to a few servers. hocho is a convenient tool to do this. While it's over a SSH connection, it's much faster than other tools which establish a SSH connection for each operation like itamae ssh.
  • deployment tool - A more scalable way is to install an agent to each server and notify the agents to fetch mitamae and recipes from an object storage and run them. Deployment tools like AWS CodeDeploy are useful to achieve them.

Migrating from Chef

While the DSL is inspired by Chef, there are some differences you need to keep in mind when you migrate Chef recipes to mitamae recipes.

Chef mitamae
cookbook_file Use remote_file or template, specifying a path with source.
directory's recursive true directory is recursive true by default
ruby_block Use local_ruby_block.
shell_out! Use run_command. Open3.capture3 or system might suffice too.
Chef::Log.* MItamae.logger.*
Digest::*.hexdigest Use *sum command (e.g. sha1sum) as a workaround.
bash Just use execute or specify bash -c ... with it.
mitamae's --shell=/bin/bash might also help.
cron You may use mitamae-plugin-resource-cron.
deploy_revision You may use mitamae-plugin-resource-deploy_revision.
See also: mitamae-plugin-resource-deploy_directory
runit_service You may use mitamae-plugin-resource-runit_service.

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MIT License


mitamae is a fast, simple, and single-binary configuration management tool with a DSL like Chef





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