Configuration management tool embedding mruby, which is alternative implementation of Itamae
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MItamae Build Status

Itamae implementation that is runnable without Ruby, which is a lightweight configuration management tool inspired by Chef. With mitamae's standalone binary, you can write a configuration recipe in Ruby and apply it without Ruby.


All features are implemented and tested.


Like original Itamae, you can manage configuration by Ruby DSL. But mitamae does not require MRI to run.

# cat recipe.rb
include_recipe 'included'

directory '/tmp/etc'

file '/tmp/etc/hello' do
  content 'This is mitamae'

template '/tmp/etc/config.yml' do
  source 'config.yml.erb'
# cat included.rb
define :vim, options: '--with-lua --with-luajit' do
  package 'vim' do
    version params[:name]
    options params[:options]

vim '7.4.1910-1'

service 'mysqld' do
  action [:start, :enable]
# wget
# chmod +x ./mitamae-x86_64-linux
# ./mitamae-x86_64-linux local -j node.json recipe.rb
 INFO : Starting MItamae...
 INFO : Recipe: /home/k0kubun/mitamae/recipe.rb
 INFO :   Recipe: /home/k0kubun/mitamae/included.rb
 INFO :     service[mysqld] running will change from 'false' to 'true'
 INFO :     service[mysqld] enabled will change from 'false' to 'true'
 INFO :   file[/tmp/etc/hello] exist will change from 'false' to 'true'
 INFO :   diff:
 INFO :   --- /dev/null 2016-07-23 16:06:36.583327464 +0900
 INFO :   +++ /tmp/1470446745.956       2016-08-06 10:25:45.967255508 +0900
 INFO :   @@ -0,0 +1 @@
 INFO :   +This is mitamae

How to write recipes

See Itamae's reference.

Plugins are implemented differently. See for details.

Supported features

itamae ssh is omitted by design because it's slow. If you want to provision a server, download mitamae binary, transfer recipes and execute it over ssh. For that reason, mitamae is more suitable for development environment bootstrap.

In recipes, you can use the features listed below.

  • Common Attributes
    • user
    • cwd
    • only_if
    • not_if
    • notifies
    • subscribes
    • verify
  • Resources
    • execute resource
    • package resource
    • directory resource
    • git resource
    • file resource
    • remote_file resource
    • template resource
    • link resource
    • service resource
    • gem_package resource
    • user resource
    • group resource
    • remote_directory resource
    • http_request resource
    • local_ruby_block resource
  • Definitions
  • Including Recipes
  • Node Attributes
  • run_command
  • Plugins
  • Host Inventory

Supported platforms

Currently following platforms are supported but others can be easily supported by porting specinfra modules.

  • Alpine Linux
  • Amazon Linux
  • Arch Linux
  • CentOS
  • Debian
  • Gentoo
  • Ubuntu
  • macOS
  • ...etc



$ rake compile && ./mruby/bin/mitamae local recipe.rb

# If you add mrbgem to mrbgem.rake, execute:
$ rake clean


# Run integration tests on Docker
$ bundle exec rspec

Cross compile

# Compile and copy binaries to ./mitamae-build
$ rake release:build


$ git commit -m "Version vX.X.X"
$ git tag vX.X.X
$ git push origin --tags # released here
$ git push origin master


Thanks to the original implementation
And this tools is built as the next generation of itamae-go


Takashi Kokubun