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Android Phone Vibrator

Vibrator your Android phone on different call status.


  1. Vibrate when an outgoing call is connected
  2. Vibrate when an incoming call is connected
  3. Vibrate when an incoming call is waiting
  4. Vibrate when a call is ended
  5. Vibrate during outgoing call at 45 second mark of every minute (default is off)
  6. Vibrate once at fixed time after outgoing call is connected (default is off)
  7. Any of the above features can be turned on/off
  8. Vibration intensity can be adjusted

This is a Xposed module so your phone must be rooted to use it. The module is based on AOSP ICS/JB phone app. I tested it using my Sony Xperia ZR phone with 4.2.2 stock ROM.

Installation instructions:

  1. Install the module
  2. Run Xposed Installer and enable the module Vibrate on connected outgoing call or ended call for Android phones
  3. Reboot the phone