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rename multiple files with editor
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mmv CI Status

Rename multiple files using your $EDITOR. The command name is named after multi-mv.


mmv file ...

This command opens the editor with the list of file names so edit and write. The command finds the changed lines and renames all the corresponding files.



brew install itchyny/tap/mmv

Build from source

go get


  • mmv is implemented in Go language and completely portable.
  • mmv is designed to be simple as mv. It requires no configuration file.
  • mmv supports renaming in cycle (mv a b, mv b c and mv c a at the same time).
  • mmv creates destination directories automatically. You can arrange pictures like yyyy-mm-dd xxxx.jpg to yyyy/mm/dd/xxxx.jpg.
  • mmv is capable to use as a library (just call mmv.Rename).
  • mmv is easy to remember (I believe), multi-mv.

Bug Tracker

Report bug at Issues・itchyny/mmv - GitHub.


itchyny (


This software is released under the MIT License, see LICENSE.

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