@itdelatrisu itdelatrisu released this Jan 9, 2017 · 5 commits to master since this release


  • osu! HP algorithm. (e62822a)
  • Skin unpacker. (e9889b7)
  • Game ranking screen overhaul (positioning, animations, images). (64504f2, e49ca3c)
  • Slider follow circle animations. (99c698b)
  • Main menu UI tweaks (music info bar, moved things around). (d250d26)
  • New "About" menu when clicking on the GitHub logo in the main menu. (1d0f0b8)
  • Additional skin.ini options supported: SliderBallFlip, CursorCentre, AnimationFramerate, AllowSliderBallTint. (0f40ff4, f111730)
  • Skin v1 changes: slider tick results, "spinner-osu" result, white warning arrows. (7a1f527, 3d01e43)
  • Added bubble notifications. (21aa72b)
  • Added parallax effect. (b61eaf1)

Other changes:

  • Reduce FPS when window loses focus. (a7e0c8d)
  • Support Unicode input in text fields. (a0fcae8)
  • Right-click/drag in the song menu now scrolls to the mouse position. (41a27fe)
  • Removed old cursor style option. (0f40ff4)
  • Removed "playfield" image; use "menu-background" instead. (c250fce)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed issues with slider ticks and repeats being over- or under-counted. (ceb4e5d)
  • Fixed an issue where multi-image default images were being loaded with higher priority than single-image skin images. (cf53c3d)
  • Fixed a hardcoded approach time in the stacking algorithm. (9b5f26d)
  • Fixed "Ignore All Beatmap Skins" option not ignoring combo colors. (9b627e0)