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Sonoff Devices DIY Tools

(@Follows the BSD open source license)


Sonoff Devices DIY Tools is used for SONOFF Devices(Basic R3,RFR3 and Mini) control via LAN.

(Only version 3.3.0 is supported)

  • Set devices ON and OFF

  • Set the "Power On State" of the devices

  • Set inching state and inching time of the devices

  • Modify the LAN info (SSID and Password) of the device

  • Flash the firmware via OTA

Directory Information

  • /code
  • /tool
  • /other

/code:Sonoff Devices DIY Tools source code

(Clone the file in this folder and revise what you want)

/tool:Source code compiled exe. file

(You can download and run the exe. file in this folder, win10 is recommended )

/other:Sonoff Devices DIY Tools related documentations

(Documentations related with Sonoff DIY Mode API protocol and others)

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