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Advanced Searchbox

Web Component for Servoy NG Client

Website of component library:

Component Properties:

  • availableSearchParams: suggested input values
    • type: searchParam[], array of objects
    • default: none
// searchParam[] type definition
      "key": "string",
      "name": "string",
      "placeholder": "string",
      "restrictToSuggestedValues": "boolean",
      "suggestedValues": "string[]",
      "allowMultiple": "boolean"
  • disableTypeahead: enable/disable typeahead dropdown
  • crlfAction: Servoy form function for "Enter" key
    • type: function
    • default: -none-
  • parametersLabel: Label of suggested values
    • type: string
    • default: 'Suggestions'
  • placeholder: Placeholder in search box
    • type: string
    • default: 'Search...'


  • keyUp: Fired on keyUp event
  • clearAllSearchParameters: Removes selected items
  • clearAvailableSearchParameters: Removes search parameters
  • getSearchParams: Returns selected items
  • setSearchParams: Assigns new search parameters


All source code in the repository is licensed under a dual license. To use these components and services in your commercial or corporate internal projects, please contact for licensing costs and information.

© iTech Professionals, Inc.

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