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WYSIWYG HTML Editor based on TinyMCE

Web Component for Servoy NG Client

Component Properties:

  • custom_buttons: Places user-defined buttons in HTML Editor menu appended to "toolbar"
    • type: tinymce_button[] (custom type, array of objects)
    • default: none
// custom type "tinymce_button[]"
      "callback": "function",   - callback function on Servoy form
      "image": "string",        - path to icon
      "name": "string",         - unique name of button, see "toolbar" property
      "text": "string",         - button text, has priority over "image"
      "tooltip": "string"       - tooltip popup
  • options: Enables one or more TinyMCE options type: options[], custom type, array of objects
// custom type "options[]"
      "name": "string",  - name of option
      "value": "string"  - option's value
  • paste_data_images: Enables paste of images into editor textarea

    • type: boolean
    • default: true
  • plugins: Extended features available in editor

  • toolbar: Editor toolbar, groups of buttons are separated with "|"

    • type: string
    • default: undo redo | styleselect | bold italic | alignleft aligncenter alignright alignjustify | bullist numlist outdent indent | image paste
  • visible: show/hide editor

    • tyle: boolean
    • default: true


  • getContent() - returns string content of editor textarea, images are base64-encoded
  • setContent(string) - sets editor content to value of "string"
  • insertContent(string) - inserts value of "string" at cursor


All source code in the repository is licensed under a dual license. To use these components and services in your commercial or corporate internal projects, please contact for licensing costs and information.

© iTech Professionals, Inc.

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