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Chef Application Cookbook Showcase

This Vagrant project showcases the application cookbook for

Data Driven Java Application Deployment

The application cookbook helps to install a full application stack for java web applications. It abstracts the
installation of apache, tomcat and mysql to be modeled through a data driven concept.

At the core of this concept is the description of the application dependencies with json data. In this showcase we
deploy the application “probe” to a tomcat6 container behind a apache2 reverse_proxy.

the configuration can be found in databags/apps/java_app.json

It defines the server name and alias, the war and container context as well as the database to use.

Run it

Download the archive or to a git clone. Ensure that you have a proper Vagrant environment installed.
Change to the “vagrant-java-application” directory and enter

$ vagrant up

This will download the lucid32 box (500 MB so this can take a while on the first download) and do the provisioning

after the chef-solo run you can access http://java-app.42foo.com:4567/probe/ with the username “probe” and the password “probe”
this hits the application through apache. http://java-app.42foo.com:4568/probe/ will hit tomcat directly.

To prove the jdbc connection go to http://java-app.42foo.com:4567/probe/sql/datasourcetest.htm?webapp=/probe&resource=jdbc/java_app